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A Great Basketball Picture To Get Psyched!

October 10th, 2011 | Posted by timd in sports

Back when we were all biting our nails over the impending NBA strike it briefly almost felt bad to get so interested in the historical images of the past few seasons of professional basketball. Now that the nightmarish vision of a basketball free 2011 – 2012 season has passed, it is once again fun to reflect on all of the action we enjoyed so much. It is also fun to anticipate a lot of great new action coming down the pike this year.

To celebrate the impending basketball season I plan to by some of these fantastic NBA pictures in fantastic 3D! I really enjoy the Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets shot that you are currently selling. From the intense look on his face to the great pace that you can read in the limited movement afforded by the graphic ingenuity that the designers at Athletes In 3D have made.

If you are not the biggest Hornets fan don’t worry. They are sure to have your favorite team in an awesome basketball image that you can get behind and put on your wall or your desk at work to get psyched for the next season. It’s a great way to get prepared for the future of basketball!

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